Use Xen Orchestra to manage XenServer from WebUI

Proxmox VE supports Web UI by default, but XenServer
does not, fortunately, there is Xen Orchestra(XOA) to help us manage XenServer via Web UI and support https by default, you can download Xen Orchestra from, they also put the projects on

I just tried the free version of Xen Orchestra, the media is also a template for XenServer, so import it to a XenServer via OpenXenManager or XenCenter, if you wanna use static IP but not dhcp, login and setup its network interface, its default login id/password(for XOA v3.6/3.7) is root/xoa(root/root for XOA v3.5)


after that, you can now visit its panel via your browser, and login, it supports both http and https, the default login id/password is [email protected]/admin

Login screenshot:
Xen Orchestra

More screenshots:

XenServer and user setting:

Tree View:

Overview of XenServer Host:

Overview of one of my VM:

Console of VM:

I think Xen Orchestra really makes XenServer more convenient, but it’s not full functional as XenCenter or OpenXenManager.

Install additional packages on XenServer 6.5

XenServer is a popular and reliable virtualization solution. as a system admin, I’ll like to install some useful packages to help me manage my servers, on XenServer 6.5, which is based on CentOS and using yum as its package manger.

All the CentOS repos were disabled by default, so I need to re-enable them, otherwise, I’ll keep getting some message like this, because they are not included in citrix’s repo:

No package vim-enhanced.x86_64 available.
Nothing to do

$sudo yum --enablerepo base,centosplus,contrib,debug,extras,updates install vim

So yum will use repo base, centosplus, contrib, debug, extras and updates during this process, but this is very inconvenience, so I want to enable them forever, try this:
$ sudo sed -i -e "s/enabled=0/enabled=1/" /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo

Now it works fine now!