Convert your Ubuntu/Debian between different versions, like Desktop to Server

There is a very useful tool under Debian/Ubuntu GNU/Linux called tasksel, which can help us “convert” our Debian/Ubuntu between versions.

Install via apt-get/aptitude:

and run:

It’ll show you a menu like this:


Then you can select or unselect the “task” you wanna your computer to run (or, have the ability to run), like: unselect “Ubuntu desktop” and select “Basic Ubuntu server”, after that, press “OK” button, wait for a few minutes, maybe it’ll ask you a few questions, it depends on the option(s) you select, then everything will be done easily!

You can also tell tasksel to install or uninstall some package set by install and remove, for example:

Wanna know what packages will be installed in a set? No problem, try --task-packages:

Now you can easily convert your Ubuntu/Debian GNU/Linux between many different versions or easily mix multiple different versions!

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