Raspberry Pi 2 model B basic benchmarks

Just want to compare Raspberry Pi 2’s performance with Roseapple Pi’s, not only which one is faster, but also how faster, so I just did the same basic benchmarks on Raspberry Pi 2, and maybe will also do the same benchmarks (HardinfosysbenchPHP benchmark Script) on the 1st generation of Raspberry Pi.

Roseapple Pi benchmark:


The platform is Raspberry Pi 2 model B using Raspbian Jessie, no Android this time.
Full desktop image based on Debian Jessie

Version: February 2016
Release date: 2016-02-09
Kernel version: 4.1


PHP benchmark Script using PHP 5.6.17:

PHP benchmark Script using PHP 7.0.3 (Using Raspbian testing repository):


sysbench v0.4.12 single thread:

sysbench v0.4.12 quad threads:


Hardinfo benchmarks:







That’s all! I will post another comparison chart later!

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