Convert your Ubuntu/Debian between different versions, like Desktop to Server

There is a very useful tool under Debian/Ubuntu GNU/Linux called tasksel, which can help us “convert” our Debian/Ubuntu between versions.

Install via apt-get/aptitude:

and run:

It’ll show you a menu like this:


把 FreeBSD 9.1 的套件管理機制從 pkg 轉到 pkgng

pkgng 是 FreeBSD 10.0 開始才有的套件管理機制

有鑑於 FreeBSD 9.1 上的 “pkg_install EOL is scheduled for 2014-09-01” 訊息不斷跳出來提醒 …


方法參照:5.4. Using pkgng for Binary Package Management

FreeBSD 8.4 以後的版本可以直接執行(更早的版本需手動安裝ports-mgmt/pkg):


The package management tool is not yet installed on your system.
Do you want to fetch and install it now? [y/N]:

當然就回答 y 繼續