About website sitemap(.xml)

Sitemap is a xml format document that lists URLs with metadata in websites, originally introduced in 2005 by Google, and now supported by all the well-known search engines, which can help webmasters to inform search engines about the pages on their sites that are available for crawling, so it’s also an important part of SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

The metadata in the sitemap of a certain URL contains the last updated datetime, the frequency of page changes, importance, relative to other URLs in the site, than makes search engines more intelligently crawl and display the site.


Sitemap example – https://www.peterdavehello.org/sitemap.xml

For more details:

Do not have sitemap for your website? Try some sitemap generators:

If you are using WordPress as I do, try to use a sitemap plugin:

(The Jetpack by WordPress.com official plugin also provides sitemap feature)

Don’t forget to validate your sitemap, these sitemap validators can help webmasters to validate the sitemap of websites:

不靠外掛 (plugin)的 VIM 進階使用技巧

看到這篇 无插件Vim编程技巧 覺得還不錯,分享給大家! 個人目前也是不喜歡透過plugin來強化各式功能,希望透過適度的設定以及熟悉各項進階的操作就可以達到有效的工作了!