UP board Windows 10 效能測試

關於 UP Board 的開箱以及硬體資訊可以參考前面這兩篇:



這篇主要是分享一些在 Windows 10 上面進行的效能測試,使用的都是很容易取得且不用額外花費的軟體,所以很方便可以跟其他平台進行比較、對照。

因為 UP Board 在開發板 / 單板電腦相關產品裏面算是少數網卡都是 1Gbps 規格的產品 (UP Board 只有記憶體和儲存裝置有分不同版本,而網卡是直接走 PCI-E 介面),所以我一開始測試就先連上了 Speedtest Beta (http://beta.speedtest.net/) 想來測試一下網卡的速度是不是真的有 100M 以上的速度,看測試結果確實是有:

2ms / 744.77 Mbps / 661.63 Mbps 的速度還算不錯 (IP我有藏起來了就別找了XD)

之後使用 Linux 進行效能測試時會再使用 speedtest-cli 測試不透過瀏覽器的情況下測試出來的速度,以及透過 iperf 在區網內直接和其他主機對傳,更準確一點的測試網卡的效能。

接著從 AIDA64 開始進行測試,因為沒有付費,所以有些資訊會被隱藏

AIDA64 Cache & Memory Benchmark:

The difference of performance between 3 versions of Raspberry Pi, the comparison.

I have the basic benckmarks for Raspberry Pi version 1, 2 and 3, and here is the comparison, all the benchmarks on different Pis are using the same operating system / package, so there won’t be a difference from the version of software.

The testing platform:

Version: February 2016
Release date: 2016-02-26
Kernel version: 4.1

Since I just did these benchmarks on Raspberry Pi 3:


The Raspbian and all the softwares are up to date, so the benchmark results of Raspberry Pi 3 are just copied from that post, they are the same result. The results from Pi 1/2 are whole new tested, in fact they are very close to the test results I did before, I would say they are all in the tolerance scope, so I’ll just ignore the detail of the benchmarks, only focus on the final results, the performance.

PHP benchmark Script using PHP 5.6.17-0+deb8u1: (in secs, the lower the better)
Raspberry Pi model B+ – 141.145
Raspberry Pi 2 model B – 48.113, 293% faster than Pi 1
Raspberry Pi 3 model B – 26.984, 523% faster than Pi 1, 178% faster than Pi 2

PHP benchmark Script using PHP 7.0.3-5: (in secs, the lower the better)
Raspberry Pi model B+ – 48.153
Raspberry Pi 2 model B – 17.27, 279% faster than Pi 1
Raspberry Pi 3 model B – 10.239, 470% faster than Pi 1, 169% faster than Pi 2

sysbench v0.4.12 single thread: (cpumaxprime=20000,in secs, the lower the better)
Raspberry Pi model B+ – 1332.0115
Raspberry Pi 2 model B – 765.2441, 174% faster than Pi 1
Raspberry Pi 3 model B – 478.0941, 748% faster than Pi 1, 160% faster than Pi 2


Raspberry Pi 3 model B basic benchmarks

As the benchmarks I ran on Raspberry Pi B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 model B, let’s do some basic benchmarks on the latest Raspberry Pi 3.

Let’s have some photos first:





My Raspberry Pi 3 crashed during the benchmarking … so I just added a heat sink on it …


This is the testing platform:

Version: February 2016
Release date: 2016-02-26
Kernel version: 4.1

Here are the benchmarks result:

PHP benchmark Script using PHP 5.6.17:

|        PHP BENCHMARK SCRIPT        |                                                          
Start : 2016-03-06 09:32:58                                                                     
Server : @                                                                                      
PHP version : 5.6.17-0+deb8u1                                                                   
Platform : Linux                                                                                
test_math                 : 9.073 sec.                                                          
test_stringmanipulation   : 9.203 sec.                                                          
test_loops                : 4.945 sec.                                                          
test_ifelse               : 3.763 sec.                                                          
Total time:               : 26.984 sec.


Raspberry Pi 3 out, what’s the difference? A simple comparison chart and some references.

Raspberry Pi 3 is out today (RASPBERRY PI 3 ON SALE NOW AT $35, 29 February 2016), it’s been almost 4 years since I have my first Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi Model B, with has only 256MB ram, now the Raspberry Pi 3 comes with the same price – $35, but much more powerful, including Quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex A53 clocked at 1.2 GHz, built in 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 LE, and fully compatible with the previous version(s)! No more usb WiFi / Bluetooth dongle from now on also means we don’t need to be worried about the compatible of the WiFi/BT chip and Pi, also save us 2 USB ports, that’s very nice! Let’s take a look at it now:

Here is a photo of Raspberry Pi 3, almost the same look as Pi 2:


(Raspberry Pi 3 picture original from RS online: http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/processor-microcontroller-development-kits/8968660/)

Another pic with some notes:


(From the link of Raspberry Pi 3 diagram on RS online Raspberry Pi 3 page)

To make it easier to be compared, I made a simple comparison chart by myself, to compare the difference between Raspberry Pi 3 and all the Raspberry Pi models I have:

Raspberry Pi 3 Model BRaspberry Pi 2 Model BRaspberry Pi Model B+Raspberry Pi Model B
ReleaseFeb 2016Feb 2015July 2014April 2012
Processor ChipsetBCM2837BCM2836BCM2835
Processor CoreARM Cortex-A53ARM Cortex-A7ARM11
Processor ArchARMv8 quad core 64BitARMv7 quad core 32BitARMv6 single core 32Bit
Processor Speed1.2 GHz0.9 GHz0.7 GHz
RAM1 GB0.5 GB0.5 GB (rev 2) / 0.25 GB (rev 1)
StorageMicroSDSD card
USB 2.04x USB Ports2x USB Ports
Max Power Draw (@5V)2.5 A1.8 A1.2 A
GPIO40 pin26 Pin
Ethernet Port10/100 Mbit Ethernet
WiFiBuilt inNo
Bluetooth LEBuilt inNo
CommentsThe latest version~6x faster, Free Win10 IoT!More USBs and GPIOThe original RPi

(If there are mistakes, feel free to tell me)