Hot to use share clipboard when using freerdp to connect to Windows?

Though I use GNU/Linux distros on most of my computers, I’ll still need to use Microsoft Windows sometimes, so I install Windows on an old PC, and work remotely.

Microsoft’s RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol) is a good method to work remotely with Windows if you have a real ip address(or work in LAN), I always use this method with FreeRDP and work happily, here is a usage example:

xfreerdp -u Peter

But FreeRDP didn’t share the clipboard like the default RDP client on Windows, so I just try to find a method to enable this feature, fortunately it’s very easy, just add parameters the enable cliprdr plugin like this:

xfreerdp --plugin cliprdr -u Peter

Now I can copy from my local computer and paste on a remote computer and vice versa!

PS: You may need to install package libfreerdp-plugins-standard first, and this syntax works on freerdp v1.0.2, in the newer versions, you may need to use +clipboard instead of --plugin cliprdr