About website sitemap(.xml)

Sitemap is a xml format document that lists URLs with metadata in websites, originally introduced in 2005 by Google, and now supported by all the well-known search engines, which can help webmasters to inform search engines about the pages on their sites that are available for crawling, so it’s also an important part of SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

The metadata in the sitemap of a certain URL contains the last updated datetime, the frequency of page changes, importance, relative to other URLs in the site, than makes search engines more intelligently crawl and display the site.


Sitemap example – https://www.peterdavehello.org/sitemap.xml

For more details:

Do not have sitemap for your website? Try some sitemap generators:

If you are using WordPress as I do, try to use a sitemap plugin:

(The Jetpack by WordPress.com official plugin also provides sitemap feature)

Don’t forget to validate your sitemap, these sitemap validators can help webmasters to validate the sitemap of websites:

[Google] HTTPS as a ranking signal


原文 : HTTPS as a ranking signal


然後接下來幾個禮拜Google會發布一些優秀的實作細節資訊來幫助大家更容易使用TLS加密,並且避免犯上一些常見的錯誤,例如要選擇怎樣的憑證、protocol-relative URL之類的,實在是就甘心…


不知道之後Extended Validation、憑證的class、簽憑證的機構對於ranking的影響又是多少?